Missed Landing

By Lisa Marie…

I have lived in California my entire life. The Bay Area to be exact; and yet have never been to Moss Landing. I have driven past it for sure, but never stopped in…

Well, today was my lucky day!! WC Sears invited me to a secret beach, sort of! Probably for fisherman. Moss Landing if you had not guessed.

The waves were gorgeous and my company enjoyable as always. We were there for the photo ops, the sunset, and the birds…Will and I enjoy the purpose of our similar passions!

BUT!! My storage on my phone was full. uh oh! How was I going to take photos when I had no storage? So, I spent at least an hour deleting files! Delete, delete, delete….

While I deleted images, documents, videos; Will was running around taking spectacular photos and I was not only “missing” those shots; but I was not really present to engage with him when he ran over to show me his fantastic photos….. Thankfully, Will was patient and understanding…But, alas, sadly, I “missed” part of the day.


On the drive home, I thought, that is how it is with us and God sometimes. We are distracted in difficult moments, in our own world fretting…delete, back space, delete… and he is still there with us being patient and understanding….Right by my side. Right by your side. His Footprints in the sand carrying us through hard times or times we forget He is with us…We are never alone…

I am blessed God is always with me.

Meanwhile, I did get a couple of great shots in between deleting sessions!!! I am actually pleased with some of the shots!


God Bless you and yours!

Prayer Requests are always welcome…

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