The Covering

by Lisa Marie…

It was scheduled to rain in Santa Cruz the Day before Valentines. ❤ A 70% chance of rain, I believe…

I did not want to cancel a date on the beach because of a little rain, so I took my umbrella for covering! I also like rain. It is refreshing, clean, and usually a good look for me! Except when it is not! Haha!

You know how it is, I envision myself running down the beach looking like Bo Derek, but then I catch a glimpse of myself in a store window or selfie and I look like Bo Jackson! He is a football player if you did not know!


Meanwhile, it did not rain. But that did not stop us from having an umbrella photo shoot in the surf! Delightful!

After “the shoot” we sat on the beach blanket and talked about everything “under the sun”! Now Not raining, the sun was beating down on our faces; so we pulled out our caps and placed them on our heads. A covering…

As the day progressed, it became colder. We put our jackets on and took a walk to the pier. The sun was beginning to set and my nose was turning red from the cold! And I was having fun! I was comfortable…

I was covered all day from the harsh elements. The rain if it was to fall, the heat from the sun, and the chill of the winds!

That is how it is with God when we walk with Him. He covers us and protects us from harm. And, to take it a step further, we should cover each other in love. Love covers a multitude of sin (1 Peter 4:8) Like, in Genesis 1:9; Noah was drunk and naked. Two of his sons covered him, as in covered his sin…

Speaking of Noah, “we could have used a little rain yesterday good Sir!” (for my umbrella)

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