Distance Learning

Amid all of this coronavirus fun, schools have closed for the remainder of this school year but learning is still going on. The new buzzword is “distance learning.” Basically, teachers have moved their classes and classrooms online.

It is much easier said than done, for sure. Just getting everyone on the classroom website is challenging enough but then you have to get students to actually DO their assignments and turn them in. All done in cyberspace. I have found some students blossom in this environment while others struggle to just get online. Most challenging are the lower grades. They will learn fast, though, and probably surpass their teachers at some point.

Whe “distance learning” is good to be separate from others that could potentially make you sick, there is another kind of “undistance learning” God would have us study. We think of God in heaven sitting up there on a throne doing what a god would do. But in reality, God is here, right beside you. It is not the easiest thing to learn either. It takes me lots of failures as well as some successes. So while my students and I are doing “distance learning,” I hope you will also be doing some “undistance learning.” With God as your teacher, you are bound to succeed and come to know He is always right there with you.

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