Three Days Closer

For some reason, I waited to post this. Campmeeting is in the summer here. My big decision is already made and I am working where God wants me to be. Yes, I have reentered the working world but on God’s terms. The message is still relevant and I thought the holidays might also be a good time to get closer to God. Christmas is all about Jesus. This is the first of three parts and I will post them the next two days.

I had this idea as campmeeting time rolled around here. For those of you who don’t know about camp meeting, let me explain. Campmeeting is a meeting time to come apart for a week or weekend to hear God’s message in ways you normally would not. Usually it is planned by the church leadership although it is for all believers to become closer to God. People come together at a site and yes, you guessed it, camp. My idea is to make this time a spiritual retreat for me even though I am at home and not camping. I have some extra time to myself and so decided to use it to get me closer to God.

Yes, I will listen to the many speakers and sermons. But more than that I wanted to come apart. So I am giving it a try. I started this morning reading Psalms 139. It is one of my favorite chapters. It is hard to grasp the concept God knew me before I was even born. Before I was thought of, He knew me. And He even thought the world needed one of me. I arrived as a baby already loved by God and now, am still loved by God. He forgives when we ask and forgets our sins. Always He is there loving us.

The other reason I wanted to do this is I possibly have a big decision to make. I could have up to three offers of employment in the next couple weeks and the question is which one to take. Each is in a different part of the country and each has its own benefits. So I pray for wisdom. If I had just half the wisdom of Solomon I would be one really smart guy.

One more thing. It is time to take charge of my life. I have had a sabbatical-like time here but it is time to move ahead, to reenter the rat race. Yet I want to do this in the right way. I want to do it with God by my side. I want Him to whisper in my ear the best thing to do for each decision I make in life. I want Him to lead my steps.

That’s today and my goals for the three days. Your goals my be different than mine but being closer to God, the Creator of the world, is something good for all of us. Pray for me and pray for you and join me tomorrow for day 2.

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